Friday, April 3, 2020

Blues in isolation

We are living in truly strange times - this Corona pandemic and the global shutdown it has triggered is like something out of a 3rd rate horror film.
I really miss playing live , and even rehearsing with my bandmates. For me music has always been about going out and mixing , reacting and interacting with musicians and audiences .Recording, the process of being alone in a studio has always been something I sort of tolerated as a necessary part of the music making process, but  I LOVE playing live, that’s what it’s all about for me. 
So now that part is temporarily suspended, and I have been forced to make music in isolation. However,I have always had a soft spot for unaccompanied harmonica playing. I love the rhythmic qualities of the instrument, how a tiny pocket-sized “toy” can sound like a whole band. The legendary Sonny Boy Williamson did a few recordings like that which I really love (like this one). Another terrific artist, who did a whole album like that is Keith Dunn.
So I invite you to check out my recent solo performances, which I call “The Corona lockdown sessions” . Click HERE to see them on YouTube.
I can’t wait to get back out and play for you in person - together with some other musicians…Until then , stay safe , stay healthy - and don’t share your harmonicas :)

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