Thursday, December 19, 2019


CDs - do you still listen to them? I do....sometimes....
I am old enough to remember when we went from vinyl records to compact discs.
At the time I loved it because it seemed more practical, more durable, and the sound quality was great!
No hiss between the songs, you thought your stereo had gone off.
I did , however, regret that the cover art had shrunk to a quarter of its size.
I am a great lover of album covers.
Now it seems that CDs are disappearing, there are almost no record stores left
(and the ones that remain sell vinyl records again....).
Technology has rushed ahead and made physical music formats unnecessary.
Being something of a dinosaur myself, I have a hard time adjusting to this,
I really love having my music stored on something physical that I can hold and look at - and appreciate the cover art.
My music is out there in the digital sphere, for download and streaming on all your favorite platforms,
but I still couldn't resist making a CD, with terrific cover art by Taloosh.
I did, however, print fewer copies than in the past, as most people are listening to the online formats...

If you, like me, still enjoy CDs, I have a special offer, only for readers of this blog: you can by any of my older CDs for 40 NIS (Including postage), or any 2 for 50. 
Here is the list of albums available:
The Blues Rebels: "Voodoo land"  and "Open Road"
CG & The Hammer: "Blues Heaven", "Live in Tel Aviv" and "Something good - the Memphis sessions"
The Daily Blues: "Trouble"

To order, just send me a message to dov@dovhammer,com, tell me which CDs you'd like and a postal address. I will send you details of payment.

BUT... the best music is still live music ! Come on out and see a show!

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